Saturday, February 11, 2012

Continuing the Tour

Nothing much has happened with the house, we had our pre-settlement last Monday and only found a few minor issues (mostly scratches in the floor). Our old house finally closed this past week (6+ months after accepting an offer from the buyers), so that's a huge relief. We're waiting to hear from NVR on our settlement date, it might be this Friday, or early the following week.

So while we wait, I'll continue with the tour of the 2nd floor...

Looking up from the 1st floor, the laundry room is at the top of the stairs and the guest bathroom is on the left. We decided to go with an electric dryer so we didn't have to have a louvered door.
At the top of the stairs there is a bedroom to the left, the loft, another bedroom, linen closet and then the master.I'm so glad we went with the loft instead of a 4th bedroom. We weren't sure what to expect since none of the Milan models in the area show this option, but we love how it turned out.Looking back towards the stairs, you see the guest bathroom and laundry room.
Another view from the loft.
Spare bedroom.
Master bedroom (couldn't get a shot with both windows that are on the back wall).
View from one of the window's in the master.
Entrance to master and Dan's closet.Master bathroom.
Shower and linen closet in master bath.I don't have any pics of the inside of our closets, but the PM hung the wire shelving really high so that we can add another row. Most of our clothes (and almost all of my shoes) have been in storage since May, so I can't wait to unpack everything.


  1. I love the loft! Our model here had it so we weren't sure what to expect when we added it as a bedroom. lol We wished we could have kept the loft, but each of the kids wanted their own room. So, bedroom 4 it was! lol

    I love your carpet! We have the same thing!

    Interesting bathroom! A linen closet and shower! WOW! never even knew that was an option. We had the shower w/seat and soaking tub. And I love your colors in there!

    GL unpacking! So happy for you!

    1. The shower was a non-standard. We didn't want a tub in the master bath, so we went with a 5' shower and the linen closet. It actually has a mini-seat on both corners of the wall, I'm not sure how I feel about that yet, but it should be ok.

  2. Looks great. We chose to go with an open loft for the kids to have a tv room/playroom. I think it makes the upstairs feel nice and open.

    1. Even though we don't have kids yet, that is our plan too.

  3. Everything looks beautiful! And the loft is such a large and functional space. It looks great!