Sunday, February 26, 2012


Let's start from the beginning...
We closed on Friday the 17th. Closing went smoothly and only took about 45 minutes. From there we went straight to the house to unload the few things we had in our cars and to wait for the mobile storage delivery.
Dan spent the day unloading the pods with the help of his friend and my brother, and by the evening they were completely empty and our garage was full.
We weren't able to do any moving on Saturday because of my event, so Sunday was the big move. The fridge was delivered on Sunday, but Lowe's wasn't able to hook up the water line for the ice maker (more on this story below). Almost everything was brought into the house and distributed to where it needed to go, and by the end of the day I was able to park my car in the garage. We moved all of our stuff from Dan's mom's house, and Sunday was the first night we actually slept in our new home.
Our furniture was delivered on Monday and we started to unpack and get settled in.
Monday night was the first time we were actually able to sit down, relax and take everything in.
Fast fwd to Tuesday morning. I came downstairs and when I walked into the kitchen, I stepped in an ice cold pool of water!?! At some point during the night the water line that Lowes didn't install (so Dan and his friend did) had come loose/broke and was pouring water into the kitchen. The water had surrounded the island and extended to the living room carpet, but the game room was by far the worst. We ran downstairs to find water pouring from the light fixtures, air vents, door frames, etc. I could not believe that this was happening.

There was 1-2" of water in the back unfinished storage area, but it was only wet in half of that room. Luckily most of the boxes that were getting wet were rubbermaid containers, not cardboard. The water was running along the drywall seams and dripping throughout the game room so we set out bowls and cups to try to catch it. I called the old PM (who is now on the service side) in tears and told him what happened. He said it probably wasn't as bad as it looked and that he would try to stop by to check it out.

The PM came out and basically said everything just needed to dry out and then it could all be fixed (as long as the hardwood didn't cup and need to be replaced). He pulled back the carpet in the living room and game room, and cut some of the drywall seams in the ceiling to allow the water to get out. We have a hoover steam vac, so I ran it all night on the carpet and the pad to try to help them dry. By Tuesday night, my 4-day old house was ruined.

We had multiple fans and a dehumidifier running until Wednesday morning, but nothing seemed to be drying. The water in the carpet was actually spreading further into the rooms. So on Wednesday morning, we called a restoration company to come in and set up their industrial fans and dehumidifiers. The hardwood was cupping at this point, but they told us it might actually end up going back to normal. They cut out all of the wet carpet pad (it was completely soaked) and a portion of the game room ceiling.

As of yesterday, everything had pretty much dried. The hardwood is cupping throughout the kitchen, mud room, hallway, living room and bathroom. So after 6 days in the house, we filed our first homeowner's claim. There's a delay because our new house wasn't showing up in our agent's system yet, but we should hear from them on Monday.

We've been noticing other areas that got wet, like the quarter round near the stairs and around the island, parts of the game room walls that were nowhere near the leak but where the water somehow got to, etc. It's such a mess, but it can be fixed and once again I just have to be patient.

Here are a few pics of the damage...

You can actually see the water pouring from the ceiling in this pic.
This was the color of the water that leaked in the basement.The pad was so wet that when you stepped on it your foot was covered in a puddle of water.
The hole in the game room ceiling and some of the cuts along the drywall seams.I'm sure it will be weeks before everything is fixed, so instead of leaving the furniture pushed into a corner, I set the living room up again. The carpet is loose and wavy since it isn't nailed down and half of the room is missing a carpet pad, but it will do for now.
We were able to stay busy all week and got a decent amount of unpacking done (kitchen, office, bathrooms, Dan's closet and part of mine). DirecTV installation was Tuesday (the guy was awesome and was walking around in his bare feet because of the water everywhere) and our washer and dryer were delivered on Thursday. We've been sleeping in the guest room on our old bed since the mattress for our new bed won't be delivered until Tuesday. Once that gets here our bedroom will be finished too. I was at a dance competition all day today and Dan was busy installing shelves in my closet for shoes (it's amazing, will post pics soon).

So, all in all, we've had quite the week.


  1. What a terrible ordeal! My heart goes out to you. I have every confidence that everything will be fixed eventually.

  2. Wow, Im sorry for all of that hassle--it looks like everything will be back to normal soon, just keep moving forward. Why didnt lowes handle the water line?


    I am so sorry this happened, but on the bright side it is something that can be fixed and you and DH are safe! {{{HUGS}}}

    Your livingroom looks really nice so far!

    DH installed our waterline when we moved in a year ago. If I read this before he installed it, no way would he be doing it!! LOL

    Hoping your beautiful home is fixed real soon!


  4. Hope all is well. Is lowes not liable for the damage,we will keep you in our prayers.

  5. Casey, so sorry this happened to you :(
    Hope everything is able to be fixed to your satisfaction and that you are able to move forward to enjoy your beautiful new home.

  6. OMGosh!! I'm so so so so so so sorry! What a thing to have to go through! I'm glad they are saying it's all fixable (although it will be some what a headache, I'm sure). You will probably have the most intriguing moving in story of anyone I will ever know.


  7. Sorry you had all this stress to go with the new house. Congratulations, though, on getting in and enjoying it anyway!

  8. Oh my goodness. That is definitely not the way you want to celebrate moving into your forever home. I hope they can get it all fixed for you and that your insurance doesn't give you a hard time. Good luck.