Wednesday, February 29, 2012

11 Days In

Don't really have an update on the flood situation, we're still waiting for State Farm to send someone out to assess the damage. For now we've decided to postpone painting and focus on unpacking and getting everything fixed and back to normal.

It's been 11 days since we moved in, and although the amount of boxes we still have is stressing me out, I do feel like we've gotten a decent amount accomplished. I still haven't found curtains yet or hung anything on the walls, so even though some rooms are furnished, they still feel unfinished.

My office is finally functional. I have to exchange the computer console part of my desk because our tower doesn't fit. I'm going to put another 2 or 3-drawer file cabinet in it's place and we'll keep the computer where it is now (hidden under the back corner of the desk). I still need to order a rug and print out event pics that will be framed and hung in a collage above the sofa. I'd also like to replace the desk chair at some point too.
I love the light fixture in this room. We had to make a few modifications since it's made for a foyer and was supposed to hang about 12-18" lower, but now it's perfect.So I ended up keeping the dining room set we initially bought, and now that it's here, I'm happy with that choice.

Although the credenza technically fit in the dining room, it really didn't. It was too tight and the table and chairs blocked the whole thing. We ended up moving it into the hall, and I think it works really well there.Dan's brother is staying with us this weekend, so the guest room is ready. We're using our old king size bed in this room, and there's still plenty of space to eventually add some other furniture. We had slept in here the first week since our new mattress was just delivered yesterday, so I had put up a temporary paper shade in the window. I just bought cellular blinds for the 2nd floor windows in the front of the house and roman shades for the master bedroom.
It only took 3 shower curtains to find one I liked for the guest bath (still deciding on the towel color).The washer and dryer are up and running. Question to others with front loaders on pedestals. How do you use the drawer under the washer with the tray that's on the floor? It ended up cracking a little when Lowes was installing it, but I still can't open the drawer on the pedestal.The master bedroom is coming together too. We installed a ceiling fan (Lowes) and will get the roman shades up this weekend.
Finally, my closet...We had the shelving hung higher so we can add a second row. Dan has enough space in his closet that he doesn't need a second row, but we're still going to install shelves so he can fold his sweaters instead of hanging them.

We installed one 8' rack on the long wall of my closet and decided to add a dresser on the other wall instead of another rack (more practical for tank tops, t-shirts, pajamas, etc). I picked up a 6-drawer dresser at ikea, but it's too heavy for Dan and I to carry upstairs, so it's in the garage until his brother can help this weekend.
I need to figure out a way to store my handbags. Right now they're just thrown on the top of the rack around the closet, some are in dust bags, some aren't, and I can't really see or access them. Any suggestions?And last but not least, one of my favorite parts of the new house...
Dan installed 9 shelves on the left side of my closet for my shoes! I did have to get rid of a few pairs to get everything to fit, but it's perfect. We put my old shoe racks in the garage to use for "everyday" shoes (and overflow).

It was like Christmas morning when I was unpacking my shoes. I only had about 25 pairs at Dan's mom's house, so all the others had been in storage for months.
I've always had to store half of my clothes and shoes depending on the season, so I'm really glad that I can finally have everything out in one closet.


  1. you don't get to use the pedestals in the laundry unless you build some kind of base that will raise it up but will likely cause high speed spin issues (house shakes with some). We plan to remove ours and see if it reduces the high speed spin house shake we get.

  2. We had a front load in our other house and couldn't use the washer one and barely could use the dryer one because it was in a laundry "closet" and the door just barely opened wide enough. The new house we decided not to get the front load - hated our clothes getting all tangled and then falling on the floor while trying to drag the knotted mess to the dryer - and went with an LG HE top load. Love it.

    WOW that is a lot of shoes - it is like looking at a shoe store shelf. If I had money, my closet would be full of boots, but other than those, I'm not big on shoes. Formal gowns is another buy if I had a lot of money. Not that I would have anywhere to wear them, but I could have a closet full and be quite content.

  3. I LOVE your ceiling fan! I see that you got it at Lowes, do you remember what the brand name is? They have so many on their website.

    1. Thanks! I didn't want anything to clunky or ornate, this design is really sleek. I can't find it on the website, but it's Allen & Roth and was around $130.

  4. So jealous of your shoe shelves!!! I just found your blog and your house looks absolutely beautiful!