Friday, December 2, 2011

Ready for Drywall

I'm really behind on updates, so I'm going to do my best to recap the past 2 weeks.

Our meeting with Guardian last Tuesday went well, except for the fact that we couldn't go into the basement to discuss tv and speaker wire placement. The concrete had just been poured, but the steps weren't installed yet. We ended up moving a few outlets around from our initial plans, and there were a few things we forgot we selected but it was a nice surprise when we found out we were getting it.

Not much happened throughout the week last week other than our garage door being installed and they framed the basement.
This week all of the wiring, hvac and plumbing went in. I stopped out yesterday and met a new PM that will be in our plan for at least the next month. Our other PM is still around, so now we have 2. The new PM was very nice and we walked through the house and went through a few things. I noticed one of the extra outlets we had added was missing and he said he would have it put in.

This morning our original PM called to schedule the pre-drywall meeting for Monday. We ended up deciding to have the meeting this afternoon with the new PM. He was very detailed and was able to answer all of our questions. I took pictures of every wall so we know where all of the wires, ducts, pipes, etc are. Since our conversation yesterday he already had the missing outlet put in. While we were there the guys were finishing up the insulation too.

We did have a few things that will be changed or fixed before drywall. They are going to move the data port in my office over one stud (my initial furniture plan changed this week when I found a sofa I couldn't pass up). They're also going to add a piece of wood between the studs where all tvs are going to hang (family room, game room, loft, master bedroom).

The only things Dan had issues with were related to Guardian. First, he didn't realize they were running component cables for the tvs, he would prefer to just have 2 hdmi cables instead of the 1. The PM said this is something he could easily run through, Dan just didn't like the idea of having all of those component cables there for no reason. The other thing was the gauge of the speaker wire used. We had 2 speakers put in the family room and one outside on the patio, so that's all whatever Guardian does standard. In the game room, we had Guardian install the wiring for us to just plug our own surround system into. Dan wasn't happy about the gauge they used and would have preferred a better quality (I know very little when it comes to this stuff, so not sure the specifics).

On Monday we'll have the energy test done and they should start drywall on Tuesday. We didn't get an estimated settlement date at the meeting today, but the original PM said he would call me on Monday with it (can't wait!).

Here are a few pics from the past 2 weeks...
Looking into kitchen from family room.
Top of the stairs looking into loft and bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
Master Bathroom Sink Plumbing
Looking from game room into storage room 1 with hvac
Basement storage area 2

They started framing the Florence next door to us while we were there today.
Top of the street view.

We made a few more furniture and appliance purchases last weekend, but from now on I'll add that info to the "Furniture/Appliances" page.


  1. Casey, you all are coming along! Looking good!

  2. Sounds like everything is coming right along. Looks good. Can't wait for the closing news!