Monday, November 21, 2011

They've been busy

I wasn't able to get out to the house at all this week because I was so busy with an event I was working on. I couldn't wait to see if they had framed anymore (we had bad weather Mon and Tue), so I sent Dan out on Saturday. It finally looks like a house!
They still haven't poured the garage or basement yet, I'm guessing that will happen early this week. We also have our walk-through with Guardian on Tuesday. Here are a few more pics Dan took while he was there.

Kitchen looking into family room.
Kitchen looking into garage.That's pretty much all I have now. I did order our fridge last weekend from Lowes (awesome price + 10% off coupon):
I also ordered a dining room set and I'm going to check out bedroom furniture at some point this week. The set we originally liked was marked down as a floor model and I just couldn't pass it up. There's a leaf for the table, but it's still a little small. My plan is to eventually move the table and buffet into the kitchen area and replace it with a big reclaimed farm table (just haven't found what I'm looking for yet).


  1. Looking good! Just wait till the drywall goes up and it looks like a real house on the inside, too!

    Love the new fridge and kitchen set.

  2. You should keep the gravel drive way - it'll also have that "reclaimed" farm look!

  3. Love the fridge! Do you mind me asking how much you spent on it? I plan to get a french door fridge as well, I just keep shopping to try and find the best "deal".

    Looks like our homes are at the same stage, minus the basement. Hopefully we will both have some drywall soon!