Monday, December 19, 2011

Birthday Gift

My birthday was this past Friday, and I got an awesome gift when I visited the house on Saturday- a full garage! Cabinets, doors, trim, counters, and stone, it's all there.
A close-up of the Red Montana kitchen counter.The Aspen stone for the front of the house.
I gave my parents a tour on Saturday. They had seen the Milan model in August, but this was their first time visiting our plan/house. It looks like the drywall was completed this past week (everything was smooth, so that's my guess). Here are a few pics from this past weekend and I also updated the neighborhood section with some new pics too (including the 1-story that went up across the street).

The loft from the stairs.
The kitchen from the family room.The game room, where the tv/electronics will be.


  1. Casey,
    They installed our counter and cabinets (same as yours) this last weekend and we love them! The cabinet glaze works great with the counter colors.

  2. Hot dang! Happy Birthday, indeed!

  3. Great Birthday present! Mine is the 28th. We have our walk-though the 27th and settlement the 30th! This is a great present for me, too.