Friday, November 11, 2011

We have a 1st Floor

I got to the plan around 4:30 today and was so excited when I saw that they had starting framing!
The guys said they would be done at 5, so I went up to the model to compare furniture swatches with our cabinets (maple butterscotch glaze). I went back at 5 and everyone was gone so I was able to walk around and take pics. They finished framing the 1st floor, wrapped most of the house and cut out the windows.
I'm kind of regretting not getting the morning room, although I don't like the placement of it in the Milan. It's been the incentive here for a few months, so almost everyone else on our street so far has one (we got a finished basement with 1/2 bath instead).

A view of our back yard (with all of the wood in the yard).
View from the townhouses above our street looking at the back of our house.The 3 houses on the bend (the house on the other side of us, not pictured, will probably be framed next week).View from the top of the street.
I didn't walk inside at all, wasn't sure how safe it would be. But I did peek in the front door and saw this right at the entrance...


  1. Haha - it almost looks like it could say Pigs Fly. Yay for framing!

  2. Looking good!

    Yeah, the MR in the Milan is behind a wall. It's not open to the rest of the house like other models. But we kinda like having it as a separate room. Makes it different.

    However we don't have a basement. I probably would have traded it for a basement if I could have. But we ended up getting the MR for free and a basement, finished...over $30,000 (gotta love living in the south).

    You will probably get more use out of your basement!