Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I'm starting to narrow down the list of light fixtures I like and figure out what needs to be moved or replaced. We're going to move the one entrance light into the loft and the other will go in one of the spare bedrooms. I think we're going to get one ceiling fan to put in the master bedroom too, just haven't found any I like yet. Here's what I'm thinking so far...


Entrance (we would put 2 in since there are currently 2 different fixtures there). -Dan isn't a fan of this style, but I like it.
Dining Room Option #1
Dining Room Option #2


  1. Love the light fixtures you've picked. My personal preference is your second choice for the dining room.

  2. Casey, i dont know if you received my last comment. I have been looking through blogs for our first house and discovered your blog. I noticed that you are our first neighbor! We bought lot 368 across from you! Send me an email so we can discuss F.F.

  3. Dining room option #1!!!! 100%

  4. I love all your choices! I have the light you chose for the office. I haven't installed it yet though. I'm still undecided on where I want to put it. I also saw this similar alternative on Overstock but it's black. I really like it.

    Your dining option # 2 was also my other choice for the morning room. It's so pretty but I decided against it because it was kinda small for the morning room. I do love your dining option #1! I don't remember seeing that at Lowe's.

    1. I haven't seen dining room option 2 in person yet, do you think it's too small for a dining room? I really like the office light, that was one that as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted it.

    2. Which room are you using for your dining room? If you are using the morning room, it think it may be too small. The one I have is 30in(l) x 30in (w) x 28in (h). Dining Option 2 is 25(l) x 25(w) x 22.5(h). It's definitely a personal preference though. I also chose a 9 light one vs a 5 light one because I wanted something with more light.

  5. Great choices! Picking lights is so hard for me, especially ceiling fans. We have been lucky so far that we like the lighting in our house except for the boobilier and the dining room light. Luckily, our old house had a dining room light that fit in perfectly with the house so we swapped them out.

    For me, if I went with the entrance light you picked, then I would go with dining room light #1 since they are similar in style in that they both look like that have tall candles.