Sunday, January 1, 2012

Choosing Colors

I've been trying to narrow down my paint selections for a few weeks now. I decided that I want the kitchen and family room to be Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage.
These pics show Silver Sage in a kitchen with similar floors and cabinets and also in a living room. It's pretty neutral, and I think it will work in both spaces (possibly even the hallway too).
I went to Restoration Hardware today and picked up a few paint samples (and a lampshade- guess I have to buy a lamp now too). I got samples of Ash, Graphite, Stone and Glacier.
I also picked up one sample from Lowes, Olympic's Secret Passage.
I've never used RH paints before. Anyone have any experience or know how it compares to the Lowes/Home Depot brands or Sherwin Williams?

A few months ago I read an article about making large paint samples to get a better idea of the color and how it looks in different light. I picked up a few pieces of foam board and paint rollers and started making my big paint swatches tonight.
I'll post more pics of these once I take them to the house to compare to the cabinetry and floors.

Right now I'm leaning towards Silver Sage in the hallway, kitchen and family room; Secret Passage in the office; Stone/Ash in the dining room and maybe Glacier in the 1st floor bathroom.


  1. Your colors look great. I can't wait to see what you pick and how it looks. I've been looking for a color similar to silver sage for the master bedroom, but still haven't landed on the exact right hue.

  2. Love the colors you are looking at!!