Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Digging

Right now we live about 30 minutes from our plan and I try to get out there twice a week. Luckily I have clients nearby so I can usually stop by before or after meetings.

I stopped by today and wasn't expecting to see much work since it has been raining all day. They were actually digging when I stopped by. I couldn't take any pictures because the guys were on the lot working and we're not supposed to take photos of them. It looked like the hole was significantly deeper.

The weather should be nice the next few days and into next week so hopefully we'll have more than just a hole by next week.

I'm wondering when we should expect to start receiving weekly updates from the PM. I called him about 11 days ago when our digging hadn't started yet, that was Monday of last week. I'm thinking we haven't heard from him because there hasn't been much to report. Any thoughts?


  1. I send emails to my PM. For me, I know I am more responsive to emails than phone calls. Ours isn't forthcoming with information, so about every week and half I send him an email just to check the schedule for the next week.

    Why are you not allowed to take pictures while they are working? Are they Amish or Mennonite? I saw someone else has them working on their house.

    I'm sure things will start getting a lot more exciting now that your hole is in! Good luck.

  2. I'd definitely prefer to email, but I only have his phone # (I think). I just don't want to bother him with a phone call. I might send him a text on Monday if I don't hear anything.

    The foundation and framing are done by Amish. So we can take pictures when they're there, just not with them in the shot.

  3. We were not told specifically to not take pictures of the workers, we just didn't and any that happened to get in a picture by accident we did not post online...just common courtesy.

    Once they finish the hole they will immediately pour the footers and after they get inspected they will immediately get the walls poured.

    Call your PM and come to an agreement on communication. Our PM called every week and we could email, text, and/or call him anytime with questions an/or concerns and he would get back to us within 24 hours. He gave us his card with both phone and email address at our pre-construction meeting.