Monday, August 22, 2011

Time to pack

Things are moving forward with the sale of our current home. The home inspection is complete and we're just waiting on the appraisal and fha inspection. We should be out of here by the end of September. I should probably start packing, but I'm going to put that off until after Labor Day. I do have most of our furniture up on Craigslist and I bought a bunch of storage containers at Target this weekend, so that's a start. We haven't decided if we're going to rent a traditional storage unit or a mobile unit. We already have one mobile unit that we got when we listed our house a few months ago, I love the convenience but wish they offered different sizes. If we can sell everything we plan to, I think we should be ok with 2 more mobile units.

Our 30-day deadline with RH was this past weekend so we finalized our flooring (Sandswept in family room and 2nd floor and Capri in basement) and electrical choices. We ended up adding 8 outlets; 3 for televisions, 2 in the master bedroom closets and 3 specifically for Christmas decorating.

Our road is paved and I think they are going to start digging for a few houses this week. So far there are 10 lots sold with 3-4 closing in November, December and January.

Dan and I visited a model to look at the furniture layout so we could start to figure out what we're keeping and what we're replacing. At this point we're planning to replace almost everything; game room, family room, dining room, office and master bedroom. We've been visiting furniture stores the past few weekends and I think we have almost everything picked out (will post pics later).

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  1. Sounds like you've been busy! Glad everything is moving along! (we have sandswept in our house too. LOVE IT! We get a ton of compliments on it!)