Thursday, July 28, 2011

Introducing the Milan...

I never thought I'd start a blog, but I definitely wanted to document the home building process and be able to share our progress with family and friends. I wanted to avoid posting constant home updates on Facebook, so I figured a blog would be the easiest way.

We signed the sales agreement a week ago and have already selected most of our options, met with Guardian for the technology wiring and selected flooring at Rusmur (thanks Cathy!). Here's where we're at so far...

After 2 months of trying to work with Maronda, we ended up starting to look at all of our options again. We met with Ryan and within one week, we chose a location...
And a home...
Initially we thought we wanted to be on the cul-de-sac, but after walking down the unpaved, dirt road and seeing the lots we chose the one with the most "usable" yard and what we thought would work best for us.

The house pictured above is the Milan, Elevation "C." This is a model home, so the 2 white doors on the right will actually be the 2-car garage door. We selected a stone accent (Kentucky) with Sandy Tan siding, Almond garage door and trim, and black shutters and front door.

Selecting the exterior colors seemed like a never ending process, but I think we're both happy with where we ended up.

Here's the floor plan (click to enlarge):
We decided to go with the 3 bedrooms and a loft instead of 4 bedrooms. We changed the formal living room to a home office with french doors and we're finishing the basement and adding a half bath.

The entire first floor will have hardwood floors, Gunstock stain except for the family room which will have frieze carpet in Branch. This same carpet will also be on the stairs and entire second floor and in the basement.

Here are some of the other options we chose for the kitchen:
  • Butterscotch Glaze, Painted Maple, 42" Cabinets
  • Upgraded Laminate Countertops in Red Montana
  • Stainless Steel Appliances
Here's another shot of the cabinets, flooring and counter (it's the sample on the left).

Here's a picture from the manufacturer's website. The cabinets might be my favorite thing in the entire house!
The basement bath will have espresso cabinets, a dark black/gray granite vanity and a dark gray ceramic floor. Haven't finalized the second floor bathrooms yet, but they will be much more neutral.


  1. Look's awesome - can't wait to enjoy a nice cigar out back!

  2. Congratulations on diving in the deep end and welcome to our ever growing Ryan Homes Blogging eFamily. Feel free to ask tons of questions, share your ideas, and share your problems. You will find that we love to be a part of your building process and when there is a problem you will also find that we love to jump right in with suggestions and sometimes we come up with solutions. Don't be shy.

    We are building an Avalon and our blog can be found here:

    On our blog you can find links to almost 70 other Ryan Homes blogs...happy reading.

    There are a couple of blogs with families who are building the Milan. This is one that just had closing and is full of tons of information:

    Again...Congrats and Welcome!!!

  3. I came looking for your options after seeing your entry on some of the furniture you are considering. WOW!! NICE!!! VERY NICE!!! The kitchen stuff you picked out will fit PERFECT!! My kitchen also has the same cabinets you picked and I love them!! =)

    You have great taste in homes plans (lol I have a Milan too) and in options! NICE!!

  4. I have enjoyed all of your pictures. We are considering going with gunstock wood floors. Would you go with them again or would you go with cherry? I am afraid that the cherry might be too dark and too red. We are building an Avalon. They are about to break ground. Follow us here:

    1. Thanks. We actually did have a chance to choose new floors and didn't go with the gunstock (see my two most recent posts). The gunstock is nice, but it's also very traditional. It was a little too orange, but had we not HAD to replace it I would have still been happy.

      We ended up choosing a wider plank, bamboo floor that's a little darker. I'm really behind on posting, but I should have pics up sometime next week.

      I think the big thing to consider is your cabinets and other wood finishes. I like painted wood, so most of our wood pieces are black or white. The gunstock looked good with our butterscotch cabinets and other furniture. However, I've also seen it with dark cherry cabinets and I don't like the look at all.

      We had cherry floors in our old house with lots of dark cherry and mahogany furniture. I loved those floors, but was ready for a change.